Professional Plaster Boarding in Caterham

Dry lining and plasterboarding can offer a fast effective solution to a variety of different projects. With it’s simplicity you can achieve a high-quality finish in no time at all. What we offer is anything from sound resistant plasterboard, insulated plasterboard, flame retardant plasterboard and moisture resistant plasterboard.


We use different types of plasterboard are for a variety of different jobs that all conform to building regulations. There are many effective ways in which we can offer this service, ceilings, walls and bulkheads are the most common. We either use timber frame stud work or a conventional Gypframe metal acoustic stud system.


Sound insulation can be a massive problem for a lot of different properties. With plasterboards acoustic properties, it can be a quick and simple fix to your noise problem. After the plasterboard has been plastered and painted, a lot can be achieved in terms of the look, feel and finish of a room or living space. Dry lining is a cheaper more cost effective building method in comparison to conventional and traditional building methods such as, block work with sand and cement.